Corrosion Control & Automation Systems for Municipalities and Industry
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Corrosion Issues

Deep Groundbed Impressed Current Cathodic Protection for Underground Storage Tanks
All buried steel tanks have been provided with magnesium anodes. Attached to the outer wall of the tank, these anodes wear out in time... >>
The Solution to Destructive Water Main Breaks
Protecting underground pipes from leakage and bursting by a technology known as "cathodic protection" is practiced by industry and commerce worldwide... >>
The Solution to Protection of Water Tanks from Corrosion
Ageing water tanks present a corrosion problem to municipalities that are expensive to remedy... >>
Locating Corrosion Hot Spots (VIDEO)
Corrosion does not occur uniformly. Hot spots can be discovered using a half cell method... >>
The Effects of Stress on the Corrosion of Scaffolding, Cranes, and Wire Ropes
It is widely known that the process of corrosion is accelerated under stress... >>
Preventing Boiler Explosions with Proper Maintainance
Low pressure boilers are commonly used for institutions and apartment complexes... >>
Steel Transformation Caused by Welding
Skeletons of all modern structures, I-beams or plate-steel, consist of low carbon steel, often joined by welding... >>