Corrosion Control & Automation Systems for Municipalities and Industry
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Owned and Operated by Recycle Management, Inc., Glenmont, NY
Cathodic Protection for Industry and Municipalities
Storage Tank Inspections: Plastic, Steel
Materials Failure Investigations and Expert Witness Services

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Corrosion Services uses half-cell close interval surveys to detect hot-spots of corrosion in buried pipelines, underground storage tanks and concrete structures. We work for municipalities, cities, villages and towns, and for architects, construction contractors, structural engineers, tank farms and building owners.

Watch this short video of a half cell survey:

After inspection, our company designs and installs corrosion protection systems for a variety of municipal and industrial structures, including:

Corrosion Services also provides ultrasonic, magnetic particle and dye-pentrant inspection of steel and above-ground chemical storage tanks. We certify tanks per NYSDEC 6 NYCRR Parts 612, 613 and 614.

We offer consulting services for the construction and preservation of standing concrete structures such as parking garages and historical structures.


Corrosion Services works in association with inspection and welding companies, tank cleaners, well drillers and clients to design corrosion protection systems for industrial and municipal applications. We provide clients with procedures for inspection and repair of defects in storage tanks, stainless steel and fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Inspection of a water tank
Inspection of a water tank
Anodes for a jet fuel tank
Anodes for a new 200,000 gallon
jet fuel tank

Our company trains municipal water departments and sewage department personnel to monitor and protect their own water mains, water storage tanks and sewage plants. We survey corrosion hot spots, and then train these personnel to apply cathodic protection to these areas. We design cathodic protection systems that meet with tight budgets and in a short period of time to save capital and maintenance costs.


Corrosion Services, in concert with several qualified material laboratories, provides quality material analysis of causation of failures. Clients may choose qualified laboratories for specimen preparation and analysis while the company provides laboratories with protocols of investigations. We provide final reports if expert witness documentation is needed.

Failure investigation of a boiler
Failure investigation of a boiler
that had exploded
Zinc anode
Two-pound zinc anode welded inside
a large municipal well cast iron pump-end
to protect it from corrosion